Giving season

It always feels like giving season when you are a nonprofit which relies on donations to fund critical program needs. But now is that time of year when budgets close, and we look toward a new year & a new opportunity to help horses in need.

We have two important hurdles to cross in 2023: the first is to support our medical fund. Veterinary expenses are a significant source of stress for our organization. We have more than ten equines who require daily medications at a cost of over $20 each day. Between medications, vaccines and routine care, our veterinary expenses surpass $12,000 a year. We have a goal to raise $5,000 this season to help create a buffer for necessary medical expenses in the next several months.

Nikki takes a daily medication called Prascend for Cushing's disease

Another ongoing source of angst for our team is the mud accumulation during winter months. Highly-trafficked areas of the pasture become dangerously muddy and slick. Not only does this increase the risk of injury for our horses and the humans that care for them, the wet conditions cause health concerns like thrush, which flourishes in horses' hooves.

We have plans to install a structural landscape material that will permanently correct these muddy areas and provide stability to the high traffic areas. This will be a MAJOR facility improvement and we are so hopeful that we can meet our fundraising goal to pay for this upgrade. The cost of the Light Hoof panels, geotextile fabric and rock will come to a minimum of $6,000. The more we can raise, the more area we can fix.

Dreaded MUD

Providing healthy, safe and enriching spaces for rescued horses is a never-ending task and we appreciate your ongoing support toward this goal.


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