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Each animal who comes into our care was in desperate need of a hero – someone to care enough to give them a second chance, a place to grow well and to call home.  Most of these animals came from places where they had never known human affection, much less friendship – and so many had come very close to meeting an early end.  They all need a hero, someone to help them through the tough times and keep them going once they’ve overcome the hurdles they faced.  By sponsoring a Red Feather Farm resident you can become part of that ongoing story – to be their hero and help us to continue to offer a helping hand to more animals in need. Your monthly contribution will ensure we can continue to take care of everyone here at Red Feather Farm, and go towards helping future rescues and animal welfare projects.


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After completing the following form, you will receive an email with a payment link to set up a recurring monthly sponsorship via PayPal.  Within 24-48 hours of receiving your sponsorship donation, we will reach out with a welcome message and confirm the details you would like printed on your Sponsorship Certificate.  This will allow you to name a gift recipient or receive assistance with choosing an animal for sponsorship. 

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